Make Blue Sage Creative Your Graphic Design Creativity Competitive Advantage–Customer Winning Designs

We are good listeners. We are inspired by our clients’ ideas and needs. Delivering design that motivates your customers to buy your product thrills our team.  This produces some of the BEST graphic design available at any cost. We specialize in Package and Marketing Materials Graphic Design that sells customers on buying your product and is a competitive advantage versus all other competitors.

Time and money are important too so we deliver our projects on time and on budget. We do all this and never forget to have a little fun along the way.

A Blue Sage Creative Exclusive: We Provide Expert Marketing Consulting.  Make Marketing and Graphic Design Work Together To Sell More

If you need the most persuasive marketing message possible for your products, we use the Science of Persuasion powered by Merwyn Technology. If you need the best possible image, target audience, marketing platforms, and much, much more for your product/s, our founder and head coach has the best marketing skills of any graphic design company anywhere.  Richard’s marketing success: Procter & Gamble executive (sales, brand management/advertising) for 16 years (P&G voted “Marketing Company of the Century” in 2000 by its peers), Vice President of Marketing at the Gallo Winery for 10 years, and Teaching Executive in Residence, Arizona State University’s School of Management for 6 years, teaching upper level marketing, innovation, and leadership courses.

  • Great Appetite Appeal

    Creating appetite appeal via strong label design …still allowing the product to be the star

  • Sales Applauded

    Beautiful new packaging was a much needed shot-in-the-arm for this product line. At sales meetings, they spontaneously applauded the packaging

  • Show Stopping

    Designed strong visuals and messaging to attract the right attendees into the booth

  • Simplicity & Quality

    Design that works – simplicity and quality that jumps of the shelf.

  • Print Ad Works Hard

    Strong branding and product imagery creates a stunning print ad featuring our designs.

  • Attractive & Informative

    Display depicting the line-up of premium coffees for discerning coffee drinkers.

  • Consumer Loved

    All the components of a winning design – appetite appeal, quality, and easy consumer decision making

  • Make a Big Impression

    Created outside visual impact to direct attendees to a trade show booth.

Package Graphic Design. Marketing Graphic Design. Event Graphic Design.

At Blue Sage Creative, you receive fresh graphic design thinking producing inspired designs that exceed your expectations. All of our designers, project managers, and creative director are passionate about what they do. They love creating designs that make you look like a winner, especially when it helps you to win in a competitive marketplace.

Package Graphic Design

For many companies, package design is critical to their success. It is what customers see at the point-of-purchase. The design needs to grab their attention. Having grabbed their attention, the package design needs to give them a compelling reason to buy your product instead of competitive products. Knowing this, the design solutions we develop for you are intended to do all of this better than any of your competition.

Marketing Graphic Design

Your marketing materials require graphic design that is compelling and persuasive with customers and consumers. We understand the importance of marketing design to your success. The fresh and inspired thinking we bring to every project creates marketing designs that help you become a winner against tough competitors.

Event and Trade Show Graphic Design

For many companies, events like trade shows require graphic design solutions that powerfully grab attention and invite people into your space to learn more.

We know the challenge and we are up to it. Our design solutions bring fresh and inspired thinking that helps you stand out versus your competition, helping you to be a winner.

Any Graphic Design Need

Companies typically have many graphic design needs. Your design needs can include corporate communication, innovation, HR, delivery trucks, and many other needs. Our design solutions are always intended to exceed your expectations, be better than your competition when appropriate, and be graphic design that everyone is proud of.

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